Monday, 26 November 2007

Our first rehearsal was held in the Kingswood Hall, common/TV room. The room was surprisingly big and we were able to have the space all to ourselves without any interruptions. We started the rehearsal by discussing various issues, including the making aspect of the performance and the venue. After a short discussion we got down to work. There were only thirteen of us, so we found it difficult to rehearse some of the scenes that required the whole, or a large number of the cast. We started by rehearsing the opening scene after the parade. Emily, who has been cast as the narrator did a brilliant, bread and puppet style opening and we worked form there. We were working from a script based on the plan. but with some speech added for the narrator's part. Very quickly we began to change and develop our original plan. We added various details, new lines and lots of movement. It was like placing movement to the words on the paper. After working on the opening scene we tackled the 'brainwashing' scene. We rehearsed for around an hour. After the rehearsal we had divided the whole group - 24 members into various roles:
  • Narrator: Emily
  • Terrorist: Rob
  • Soldier: Marcus
  • Terror Brigade: Annie, Catrin, Freya
  • Iraqi Women: Laura, Carmen, Kerry
  • Band: Lou, Lia, Alice, Emily, Rosana. Emma
  • Main body of cast: Jolie, Jessica, Marika, Diana, Nia, Charlie, Georgia, Sheryl, Charlotte

All in all it was a really successful session and was also very productive, its amazing how quickly ideas can be establishes practically and also how well the group is working together.

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